4YourChildsSuccess helps parents who have an autistic child, between the ages of 4 and 12, through our Customized Audio Program (CAP) of personalized affirmations mixed with classical music.

What makes our Customized Audio Program so unique is you, as a parent, actually create it for your child. You select and edit the affirmations your child will hear.  You can add their name to some or all of their affirmations – you can even write your own affirmations to make them specific for what you want your child to listen to.

We’ll have your child’s affirmations professionally recorded with your choice of a male or female voice-over specialist and we’ll mix calm, relaxing classical music in the background of your child’s personal audio.

The result is a custom-made audio with affirmations specifically written and individually produced for your autistic child.  The audio will last approximately 25 minutes and each of the 20 affirmations will be heard around 7 times during the 25 minutes.

Your unique Customized Audio Program will help alleviate as much pain as possible associated with social-interaction difficulties and communication challenges associated with children with autism.  You’re creating a one-of-a-kind MP3 audio specifically for your child that will help them with additional benefits such as:

… Develop better listening skills
… Gain confidence
… Build their self-esteem
… Improve their concentration
… Cultivate problem solving
… Increase their focus
… Advance their maturity level
… Shape their thinking
… Enhance their creativity
… Achieve better grades
… Stimulate their ability to learn
… Encourage better behavior
… Add mental clarity
… Grow a sharper mind
… Multiply their mental abilities
… Promote independence
… Create more self-awareness
… Expand their memory

On the first page you’ll choose 20 affirmations from five different categories:

  1. Self-Esteem / Self-Confidence
  2. Faith / Spiritual
  3. Learning /Academic
  4. Family / Social
  5. Health / Physical

On the second page you can edit any or all of the affirmations by adding your child’s name, changing the words, or deleting an entire affirmation and writing your own.

Some of the benefits:

  • Your Customized Audio Program will be individually produced and custom-made for your autistic child.
  • Every MP3 audio is personalized, not mass produced. This enables you to focus on your child’s strengths and concentrate on exactly what improvements you would like to see.
  • Your child’s MP3 Customized Audio Program can be listened to any time – school, play, sleep, while in the car, etc…

We recommend your child listen to their MP3 audio at least once per day. The more they listen the more quickly you’ll see the desired changes in their life. The key to getting the most out of your child’s MP3 audio is repetition. The more they hear a personal positive statement the deeper it’s implanted into their subconscious mind and the more quickly their affirmations are manifested in their life.

The classical music helps stimulate the right hemisphere and engage the limbic system of your child’s brain. The music is used to accelerate the integration of their affirmations.  Remember, the key to getting the most value out of your child’s MP3 Customized Audio Program is for them to listen to it regularly. You’ll see positive results in their life.

Although this concept can be applied to any age and for any area of learning, we specialize in creating custom-made MP3 audios for autistic children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Thank you,

Jim Ray